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When we are running, riding and swimming, we are performing hundreds and thousands of repetitions within a limited band of motion on the human movement continuum.

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This partial movement in predominantly one plane, often the sagittal plane, neglecting movement in the transverse and frontal planes, triathletes tend to move straight forward, rarely side to side inherently destabilizes joints and creates dysfunction in tissues which are designed to move in more complete and dynamic ranges of motion.

In this phase the aim is to reduce some of the loads and demands produced through heavy weight training which are necessary, but often too taxing to perform two times per week in-season, and to produce more range and balance in the system. For more advanced athletes, instead of using the ground for an anchor, hold a bosu ball instead. Make sure to anchor the feet flat with a split and staggered stance.

Rotate through the pattern using the hips and trunk as well as the arms and shoulders.

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These rotary patterns are crucial. Do not allow the hips or trunk to rotate. Keep anatomically neutral throughout. Really work hard to maintain control throughout all phases of this pattern. It often helps to find and maintain a focal point. Add small load lb dumbbells are usually sufficient.

Remember to activate the gluteals and avoid slouching by remaining posturally long as in a yoga plank. This can be difficult.

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The objective is to enhance and develop range of motion through the shoulder girdle. Keep the arms long, maintaining a neutral spine and not raising or lowering the hips.

The accompanying video is a good representation of what we are after here. As a strength and conditioning expert and endurance coach, Shane has helped individuals of all abilities to achieve their goals.

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For inquiries or questions on the above, feel free to contact Shane through his website at' www. Training Articles. All Triathlon. All Cycling.

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Half Marathon. An accomplished bike racer on both the road and mountain bikes, Steve has channeled his passion for cycling into providing some of the best bike brands in the Mid-Atlantic region through the business he founded, Bike Doctor. Discerning cyclists who realize that speed is not obtained through aerodynamics alone have turned to Steve to help them become faster and more comfortable on their bicycles.

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Steve has made it a point to annually undergo extensive training in fitting, fit methodology, and biomechanics from several of the industries most regarded fit instructors. Drawing on this training, extensive industry experience, and attention to detail, Steve has successfully fit thousands of cyclists from the novice who is just starting out to the dedicated Cat 1 pro-level athlete. Speed Studio, his state-of-the-art bike fit studio, is located in Arnold.

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Ryan Morrissey - Director of Personal Training Ryan is a former Anne Arundel County all-star basketball player who went on to play for Western Maryland College while earning a degree in exercise science. He began his career as a personal trainer while in college and went on to work at general fitness facilities and performance training companies.

For four years, he served as personal training director at Gold's Gym. He has worked with athletes of all ages to increase their performance, help prevent injuries and improve health. Brenda Shaeffer - Sports Physical Therapist Brenda has a doctorate in physical therapy and has been working with athletes for more than 30 years.

She specializes in injury prevention and in treatment for sport and orthopedic issues.

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A former elite gymnast and coach, she is a researcher, lecturer and regular writer on sports performance and injury. After performing a thorough physical assessment, Brenda creates a sport-relevant treatment and performance program using a variety of techniques including; restoration of movement through manual therapy, biomechanical retraining, exercise, ergonomic modifications, orthotics and sensory-motor training.

Deepak Patel - Travel Coordinator Deepak delivers athletes to the starting lines of their dreams. For more than 25 years he has worked to develop travel plans for athletes who want to travel to races around the nation and around the globe. He sets the standard for travel and accommodations for Kona qualifiers, and he will do the same for athletes bound for more than two dozen major events.

Deepak takes the worry out of travel, planning air travel, arranging transfers to and from airports, and booking accommodations within walking distance of the starting line.