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According to the compactness test, the density of Douposi heavily weathered material embankment is no less than It is suggested that after the DCM construction of main tamp with 1 time is completed, the DCM in the lower energy level and full tamp with 1 time or the bumping vibration compaction is adopted, the density of Douposi heavily weathered material embankment will be increased.

The test result can be provided as the reference for the consolidation of karst funnel in Kunming new airport and similar engineering.

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Abstract: Filling replacement combined with dynamic compaction is a very effective method to preprocess the soft soil to obtain larger bearing capacity. That not only has remarkable effect to improve soil bearing capacity, but also has some advantages, such as quick construction, simple equipment, low cost and so on. And that is appropriate for large area ground treatment engineering.

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The purpose of ensuring the reinforcement effect and saving the project cost, and providing references for the similar projects can be achieved through the test study on effective reinforcement depth of dynamic compaction and filling replacement. Abstract: The collapsible loess ground treatment methods include dynamic compaction, soil replacement cushion method, lime-soil compaction pile composite foundation, pile foundation, etc. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The bearing capacity of collapsible loess is not lower, it is non-soft soil. The purpose of the collapsible loess ground treatment is to eliminate the collapsible at the most, few to increase the capacity and improve the heterogeneity of the foundation.

In this paper, the collapsible loess foundation treatment methods are been compacted from the technical and economic factors.

Marine Sand Compaction Pile Method and SEMW Jumbo Vibro

And the key issues of the collapsible loess ground treatment methods are discussed. Added To Cart. Views Total views. Actions Shares.

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Failures due to poor ground conditions 4. Reject Redesign structure is redesigned to suit the insitu condition Remove and replace Treat the soil- Ground Improvement Solution for Poor Ground conditions???

Marine Sand Compaction Pile Method and SEMW Jumbo Vibro

Objectives of Ground Improvement Increase strength Control Permeability Reduce erodability Reduce compressibility Reduce liquefaction susceptibility Reduce distortion 9. Laboratory Compaction Standard proctor test Modified proctor test ml mould ml mould 3 layers 5 layers 25 blows 25 blows 2. Performance type: specifying some physical properties of the compacted layer — Eg.

Work type: includes specification of type of equipment, lift thickness, moisture content, and amount of work required Flat dilatometer Shear wave velocity monitoring Sand Compaction Piles Vibrofloatation procedure Cased borehole is prepared 2.

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Granular material mm filled upto m depth from surface 3. Each layer compacted using rammer of kN from height about 1. Casing is withdrawn in stages Rammed stone column- procedure Cased borehole Granular materal mm backfilled upto m from surface Each layer compacted using rammer 20kN from height Stone columns after installation Originally developed in Japan to improve stability or compressibility and to prevent liquefaction failure in loose sand, the SCP method is now often applied to soft clay ground to ensure stability and reduce ground settlement.

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This book presents detailed descriptions of design, execution, quality control, equipment and assurance aspects of the SCP method, illustrating the theory with case studies from around Japan and also including a thorough overview of the existing literature on research and development carried out since the s. Two final chapters cover vital aspects of design procedures for clay and sandy ground to enable practitioners to frame an appropriate set of parameters for durable and cost-efficient design.

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