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Why Remember the Alamo, San Antonio Texas (& its Yellow Rose)

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    Use this form to contact us regarding product inquiries. We are always available to help! Neill, left in charge of the defense of the fortress with men, requested more because he believed the position to be vulnerable. With the Texan government disorganized and not able to send reinforcements, Neill and engineer Green Jameson set about fortifying the installation and setting up what few cannons it had.

    Spirits Of The Alamo Painting by Joe Leyba

    General Sam Houston sent Colonel James Bowie to take a handful of reinforcements to fortify the position, and when Neill left to round up more support, command was split between Bowie and William Travis. On February 23, the Mexican army under General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna arrived and laid siege to the Alamo for 13 days before engaging in a savage battle on March 6th, with nearly all the defending Texans slaughtered and between Mexican soldiers killed, nearly a third of their attacking army.

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    Though Mexico occupied the Alamo for a few months after the battle, the end of the war and victory for Texas meant the Alamo soon changed hands yet again. Though it had nearly been forgotten to time by the late 19th century, enough remembered its importance to organize a restoration. Legal battles and ownership disputes kept its status in limbo for some time, but by the Great Depression, funds from the WPA were used to restore the Alamo, building a wall around it and a museum immortalizing its significance as not just a Texan, but an American icon that should never be forgotten.

    Amazingly, though, is that many of these stories date back to the days immediately following the famed battle and massacre.

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    Days after the attack on the Alamo, General Santa Anna demanded that his soldiers burn the Alamo to the ground. A group of cavalry soldiers under General Andrade were sent to complete this job, yet they came back pale faced and frightened. When questioned by Andrade, the cavalrymen claimed they had witnessed six pale spirits, each wielding a flaming sword and blocking off entrance to the grounds of the abandoned mission.

    Fearful of what this meant, and what would happen to them if they went through with burning the church to the ground, the men returned to their commanding officer.

    The Alamo Ghosts

    Not believing these tales, Andrade himself rode out to the site with a few men, only to witness a dark spirit rise from the ashes of a ruined building, its hand consumed in fire. Believing this place to be haunted by the spirits of those killed at the Alamo, Andrade and his men fled, never to return to the site. These spirits may very well have saved the Alamo from destruction a second time in , when orders came down to demolish part of the facility. Whatever the truth of the matter, the plans to demolish the building were extinguished just as hastily as they were suggested. There are some simple stories, like disembodied voices or a feeling of overwhelming malaise surrounding the location of the last stand, but a few specific specters are also said to walk these hallowed grounds.