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More than 75 percent of Americans say we should soak the rich. He advocates expanding union rights, increasing employee ownership and creating a worker-run fund that would pay them out dividends.

Socialism or Barbarism (disambiguation)

In his speech, Sanders did more than repeat his calls for a more egalitarian politics and bold left-wing policies. He argued that we are up against an oligarchy that has captured our political system, and that we must stand in solidarity with the movements of working people who are demanding fundamental change—from striking teachers, to climate justice organizers to women fighting for reproductive freedom.

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Quoting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He linked the turn toward oligarchy and authoritarianism in America to the pantheon of rightwing authoritarian leaders who have consolidated power around the world. And to suppress dissent, they are cracking down on democracy and human rights. With hate crimes on the rise across the country, and the Trump administration engaging in such policies as the caging of migrant children, Sanders argued that democratic socialism is not some radical philosophy to be feared, but rather the antidote to the growing dogmas of bigotry—one that could overcome the hate-filled fantasies of the Steve Bannons of the world.

Trump has made his game plan for abundantly clear: attack the Democrats as the party of socialism.

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  • Socialism or Barbarism.
  • With his full-throated defense of democratic socialism, Sanders welcomed such a debate, trusting that the American people will be on his side. Never in modern U. As our editorial team maps our plan for how to cover the Democratic primary, we want to hear from you:.

    Rosa Luxemburg’s open ended future: Socialism or Barbarism, Internationalism or Nationalism

    What do you want to see from our campaign coverage in the months ahead, and which candidates are you most interested in? It only takes a minute to answer this short, three-question survey, but your input will help shape our coverage for months to come. How many more times are we going to test the formula imposed on us by this system that slowly resembles the oppressive dynasties of the Middle Ages?

    It is precisely in this framework that the most declaredly fascist exponents, in the style of Jair Bolsonaro or Donald Trump, emerge first as peripheral players and then they become institutionalized little by little. Many of them believe that in order to keep themselves pure and unpolluted it is necessary to hunt first in words, and then in deeds, as it happened with Rio councilwoman Marielle Franco for sexual dissidences, Afro-Brazilian men and women, or anyone who does not comply with their practices which have a clear patriarchal root.

    That is why popular feminism, which opposes them and denounces them in the streets, is also the target of their hatred.

    Germany Socialism or Barbarism by Rob Sewell

    Obviously, in order for this ideological poisoning operation to have greater success, the majority of those who commune with authoritarian practices have been simmered in the preaching of the hegemonic media. In reality, it is no different from what happened in pre-Hitler Germany or pre-Mussolini Italy, and we already know how that story ended. It is also necessary to understand that Bolsonaros, Macris and other similar ones are pieces of a plan of continental recolonization promoted by U.

    The other great factor that makes these rapid ascents of the extreme right possible are the errors or horrors that were committed in by the progressive left itself. Here comes another substantial issue and it is a matter of understanding that this ideological matrix has very concrete limits, and in order to arrive at and then sustain itself in a government, it generates alliances that then cost it its life, euphemistically speaking. This is also the case for the most part in human history. Marx and Engels explained that while men and women make history, they do so in circumstances not of their own choosing. While the economic circumstances are decisive, they are not the only determining factors in history. There is a complex reciprocating interactions between economic, social and political events. Marxism attempts to understand the "driving forces of the driving forces" behind the actions of men and women.

    For Marx and Engels, the motive force of history was the class struggle. Each society slave, feudal, capitalist throws up is own unique economic relations and its class structure. All societies serve to develop the productive forces, but there comes a time when these forces rebel against the constraints imposed upon them by the out-dated superstructure of society.

    A new class emerges from the womb of the old society, whose task it is to overthrow the old order and lay the basis for a new reorganisation of society. Under capitalism, which has created the world market and laid the material basis for socialism, the working class is born, not only as a source of exploitation, but as a revolutionary class.

    Experience through mighty battles teaches it to become conscious of its role, firstly developing a class consciousness and then a socialist consciousness. In other words, it is the task of the working class to overthrow capitalism and bring about socialism. The historic mission of capitalism was to lay the foundations of a new world order, on the basis of the world market and the world division of labour. It has now become a fetter on the further development of society, and is rotten-ripe for overthrow.

    Over the last years, the working class has tried again and again to eliminate capitalism, but has been frustrated by its leadership. Only in Russia in did it succeed. Under Lenin and Trotsky, the task of the young soviet republic was to spread the revolution worldwide. Unfortunately, the betrayal of the revolutions in the west by the social democratic leaders resulted in the isolation of the Russian Revolution in a backward country. It was this that led to its degeneration and the emergence of Stalinism.

    A new vista for humankind

    A river of blood separated the workers' democracy of Lenin and Trotsky from the totalitarian regime of Stalin. As Hugo Chavez said recently, in the struggle between Trotsky and Stalin, Trotsky was right - it is not possible to build socialism in one country. Only with an internationalist perspective, based upon the ideas of the Permanent Revolution, can the socialist revolution succeed. There can be no solution by tinkering with capitalism. It has thoroughly exhausted its historic role.

    In , the gap between the richest and the poorest countries was three to one. By it had risen to 35 to one. Today it is 74 to one. Within nations, the class divide between rich and poor has never been greater. Tensions are building up everywhere, as the working class is remorselessly squeezed.

    Despite all the acclamations of the soothsayers of capitalism, this is a recipe for all-out class war.

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