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Ask your pilot participant for honest feedback and take it on board. Also, practice active listening in your day-to-day conversations.

Interactional Studies of Qualitative Research Interviews

See if you can keep your ego in check and really focus on what the other person is saying. Pay attention to body language and the words your participant is using to describe their experience. Seidman, , Kindle Location: What do Jerry Seinfeld , James Corden and parents of surly teens have in common? Subjects can feel more relaxed sitting beside you than facing you across a meeting room table.

This may seem like a no-brainer but respect can easily get lost in the excitement of data gathering. Make sure you:. At the same time, it demands that you keep track of time, stay focused and respond to shifts in energy. What do you think makes a great interview? NVivo can help you organize and analyse your interview data. Download a trial to find out more. Charmaz, Kathy. SAGE Publications. His long-term concern was with the implications of such continental philosophies as phenomenology, hermeneutics, and dialectics for psychology and education.

Svend Brinkmann is professor of psychology in the Department of Communication and Psychology at the University of Aalborg, Denmark, where he serves as co-director of the Center for Qualitative Studies with Lene Tanggaard. His research is particularly concerned with philosophical, moral, and methodological issues in psychology and other human and social sciences. Steinar Kvale , Svend Brinkmann. Intended Audience This text is ideal for both novice and experienced interview researchers as well as graduate students taking courses in qualitative and research methods in the social sciences and health sciences, particularly departments of Education, Nursing, Sociology, Psychology, and Communication.

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