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Author Eisberg, Robert Martin. Subjects Physik. Quantum theory. Relativity Physics Physics. Quantum Theory. Matter -- Constitution. Nuclear physics. Contents Includes index.


Notes Wiley international ed. Includes bibliographical references and index. Also issued online.

Introduction to Modern Physics

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Only that related to the speed of light and the fundamental of special relativity is considered. What object must be studied with special relativity?

It is well known that the object studied with the special relativity is the high speed body[11] and that studied with quantum physics is the micro-particle. Therefore, the micro-particle need be studied with both the quantum physics and special relativity. In fact, in the very famous Gedanken EPR paradox, Einstein and coauthors presented that the theory for quantum physics is incompleteness for the reasons that the correspondence between a pair of particle is instantaneous.

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Therefore, it is crucial to special relativity: What is the object that must and can be studied with special relativity? Or, in another words, how special relativity can be practiced as a theory of physics which can study a certain kind of object? Now, the physicists stressed that the special relativity has been well experimentally confirmed. If a postulation only has been experimentally proven, and it cannot be used to study a certain object, it cannot be a theory of physics. It should be this function that lets the special relativity be practiced as a theory of physics.

But, this function has not been noted enough. In another hand, the invariance of the speed of light was stressed as a general principle to judge other theory and experiments. What is a theory of physics? For classic and quantum physics, there are five characteristics: 1 It is a system that has been experimentally confirmed. These productions are explosively growing. Compared with quantum physics, it can be said that, the special relativity has been experimentally confirmed.

In this sense, the time dilation and length contraction are only experimentally proven hypotheses. Rather than a theory of physics, it appears as a theory of philosophy. It changed our concept about the space and time.

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But, it cannot be used as a theory of physics to study a certain object or to invent a new production. Therefore, till now, the relative space-time is not a developed theory of physics.

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It is a main foundation of the modern physics. But, for the two reasons, I do not take it as the fundamental to assess the special relativity.

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Quantum physics and Faster-than-light The quantum superposition is one of fundamentals of the quantum mechanics. The quantum entanglement is a nature of the quantum superposition. The quantum entanglement or teleportation is instantaneous. There are two different answers. First, it is thought that, in the faster-than-light, no information and energy can be transferred. It is not contradicted with the invariance of the speed of light and does not violate the Lorentz locality. For special relativity, it is misunderstood that, if the faster-than-light is true, then, special relativity shall be failed.

For the quantum physics, it is neglected that, in the past years, quantum physics has been much better developed than the special relativity. And, quantum physics is an independent and whole system that its development is independent from the special relativity. Therefore, these discussions are invalid for the development of the two theories.

What Are the Basic Foundations of Modern Physics?

For example, the quantum entanglement is used for the quantum computer[22,23] and quantum cryptography[24] which was used in high-security commercial applications in banking and government. Whether or not the entanglement is accordant with the invariance of the speed of light, it will not affect its practice in the quantum computer and quantum cryptography. Note: An instantaneous speed is not understandable for us. It has been a difficult problem from Newton. Further experimental result is needed to understand it.

But, it is noted that in the quantum entanglement, for a pair of particles, the quantum state of one of the pair is changed after that of another one has been changed. Thus, there is a sequence between the times of the changes of the quantum states of the pair of particles. The quantum entanglement and teleportation may not be instantaneous, but it is too large to be measured. However, this is a difficult and complicated problem. It cannot be clarified with modern known evidences.

go site Two kinds of absolute spaces and times The first absolute space and time are the time arrow of the cosmology and the cosmic microwave background radiation.