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The Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center VIC at Massachusetts General Hospital seeks to improve human health by accelerating the development of new broadly applicable, safe and cost effective vaccines and immune-based therapeutics.

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We focus on enhancing the speed and effectiveness by which these drugs and vaccines are advanced from laboratory discovery to clinical development, on promoting an understanding of the need for accelerated development of new medical treatments, and on training the next generation of scientists to continue this important work. VIC prioritizes for development innovations with the potential for making a broad impact on cancer, infectious diseases, type 1 diabetes and other immune-mediated diseases, as well as the promise of benefitting patients across the globe.

We actively manage the development of these candidates, drawing on the expertise and experience of medical and business professionals who collectively understand each aspect of the development path from discovery to the use of new medicines in people. Through the support of public grants and private philanthropy, VIC has supported rapid-pace, high-impact research initiatives that are in the process of safely transitioning from the research lab to patients. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes T1D when I was 9 years old. One day I was a considered a healthy child and the next I was I learning The event took place in the elegant This lecture series, Therapeutic cancer vaccines; past, present and future.

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The Koch Institute: Summer Symposium

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    Seeing Is Believing: Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines

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